The Grandview Chamber of Commerce is an association of business people and other concerned citizens working to promote the business growth and development of the Greater Grandview Area.

People with a common interest – “To meet the needs of Grandview businesses.”

The mission of the Grandview Chamber of Commerce is to add value to local business, to promote local events and tourism in a community with a healthy quality of life.

  • Your investment in the Chamber makes you a partner with other leading business professionals and industrial leaders who care about the area’s future. A wealth of business opportunities and contacts will be available to you and your business.
  • Referral from both the Chamber office and fellow Chamber members will increase your visibility and customer awareness.
  • Distribution of your business brochures, fliers, or business cards by the Chamber office.
  • Opportunity to promote your business in the Chamber newsletter and Chamber and Forum meetings.
  • Membership meetings are held once each month, include a wide variety of speakers on issues of importance to businesses, and provide an excellent networking opportunity.

Other Benefits

  • E-mail and web site referrals

The Chamber’s strength lies in the number and diversity of it’s membership.Enjoy portable and cordless water flossing ability with the teledyne water flosser. Both large and small businesses from virtually all professions are represented and influence the direction of the Chamber’s programs. The members are the Chamber! The more members the Chamber has, the better it can represent the business community.